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Charles & Elin

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Charles & Elin
  • Welcome to our Monthly Embroidery Pattern Program!
  • Hi, Hej, Bonjour! 

    We are Charles and Elin, a French-Swedish artist couple who strongly believe in the positive, healing and meditative effects of creating with your hands. Therefore we are thrilled to have YOU here on our page, as we imagine you might be curious to try out the power of thread and needle. 

    Since October 2017 we have offered a monthly pattern program with focus on architectural embroidery designs, where you receive a new design on the 1st of each month. With this program we aim to inspire and motivate everyone to take up a creative hobby and to make creating a new habit. 

    If you have a look on the “NEWS” section here at Tipeee you can see some of the previous designs to get an insight into the type of patterns that you will be able to try out. As you will see, the designs are inspired from the environment around us. We truly believe that we’re all surrounded by inspiration, we just have to lift our eyes and be open to absorb it. 

    Each pattern comes with a stitch-guide and color-guide. You are able to register as a monthly or uniquely subscriber and are able to join in or opt out at any time you like. If you are new to our program, the first pattern will be the one corresponding to the month that you signed up.

    The designs are suitable for all levels, whether you are a stitcher who aim to expand in your style or a beginner who wish to take up a new skill. If you are unsure of whether you are able to get started without any experience, we have also offer extensive Master Classes over at Charles and Elin Academy ( where you can have a hands-on learning experience through step-by-step guidance. 

    We hope you enjoy our patterns and look forward to have you on board with us on this embroidery adventure around the world! 


    PS. If you are new to our work, please visit our website: