Natha does stuff on Roll20

Natha does stuff on Roll20

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Natha does stuff on Roll20
  • What do I do?
  • I'm creating, enhancing and/or translating character sheets for Roll20 (the leading Virtual Table Top for Table Top RPGs and more), since 2013.

    I have already made available more than 20 sheets (and a few API scripts) on Roll20 this past years, in english and french (with multilingual option if needed). For some of them, I have been working directly with the author(s) or publishers of the related RPG.

    And I plan to continue to do so on a regular basis, with the Tippers' help :)

    Disclaimer: This Tipeee has no ties with the Roll20 team, and I conform to the Roll20 code of conduct.

  • Why Tipeee?
  • Creating free content for Roll20, available to all users, requires a Pro account (99$ a year), and can take days of work for a single sheet.  Sheets (and API scripts) require maintenance, and users ask for enhancements and evolutions for the most popular sheets. Plus, a growing number of users and RPG authors have asked me for a specific sheet, sometimes for a price, or simply willing to support my work.

    As I don't want to bill anyone ;),  Tipeee seems a convenient way for everyone who wants to support me.

  • What rewards for the tippers?
  • First and foremost, new sheets and API scripts will continue to be freely available on Roll20.

    Then, I will communicate about the requests I already have, the planned sheets, the current sheet(s) in the works, and Tippers will be able to comment, suggest and make requests.

    If you want me to do a specific sheet, contact me, so we can discuss the possibility and an appropriate (one time) tip.